Work seamlessly on surveys with the SurveyMonkey Slack integration. Create surveys more effectively by inviting your Slack team to provide feedback—set channel-wide notifications for collaborator comments and new survey responses. Control how often the team’s notified—add instant notifications or set a daily summary alert of your response totals. You can also get a quick opinion from your team by sending a one-question poll.  Discover more insights with SurveyMonkey—together, within Slack.

Let’s take a look at what you can accomplish with the SurveyMonkey integration in Slack:

  • /survey: Invite collaborators, collect responses, share results, and set up notifications
  • /survey notifications: Manage instant and daily overview response alerts or comment notifications
  • /ask : Stay updated on the team’s opinion with a quick one-question poll

To get started, click the Install button at the top of this page. Then, authorize both SurveyMonkey and Slack to link the two accounts.

Once your account is connected, get a refresher on what the integration has to offer by entering /surveymonkey in Slack.  


Invite Collaborators and Respondents in Slack
Set Up Slack Notifications (For Responses and Comments)
Share Survey Results in Slack
Create a Poll in Slack


This app requires access to:
  • View collectors for your surveys and those shared with you
  • Create or edit contacts in your account
  • View your contacts and contact lists
  • View your surveys and those shared with you
  • Create or edit collectors for surveys in your account
  • View your user information

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