* 1. Company name:

* 2. Areas of activity/sector/market presence:

* 3. What analytical tools and/or data sources do you use to conduct analyses when considering entering a new market?

* 4. Have you or your company had any experience of implementing business projects in emerging economies? If so, where? If not, why?

* 5. Do you have any specific plans to launch projects within Russia or involving Russian partners? If yes, provide a brief description and the project parameters.

* 6. Do you or your company have any medium- or long-term interest in purchasing Russian goods/commodities/technologies?

* 7. What, in your view, are the most significant barriers to the development of business in foreign countries?

* 8. To what extent might the sanctions against Russia affect the growth of your business here?

* 9. Region of interest in Russia (mark if you have no specific preferences).

* 10. Do you have any established partnerships with Russian companies? If so, with which?

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