Thank you for participating in the Corporate Governance survey by Deloitte

The events of the past decade have led to the publication of a mountain of articles and research reports focusing on and emphasizing the importance of different aspects of governance, such as the role of the board, executive compensation, strategic oversight etc.

We are conducting a survey of 400+ companies across all major industries operating in Azerbaijan to identify strengths and weaknesses prevailing in the structure of Corporate Governance. Hence, we will provide all participants with personalized statistical analysis of the results showing each company's position against all others.

The project was launched at the start of July, and is due to conclude at the end of September. After which all participating companies will receive their report.

All results will be published anonymously and in aggregation. Sensitive company information is collected for Deloitte’s reference only and will only be used in your personalized report.

The survey has 10 short question categories, and should not take any longer than 30 minutes to complete.

To ensure timely completion of the project please aim to complete the survey within 2 working days.

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9% of survey complete.