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The best managers don’t just drop new hires into predefined roles—they take the time to get to know new team members and work together to craft a fulfilling career. It starts with an entry interview. It’s like an exit interview, only it happens when people are just coming in the door, rather than when they’re already on their way out.

Entry interviews give managers insight into new employees’ talents, goals, learning styles, and priorities from the moment they step into the office. According to Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist at Wharton, entry interviews can result in greater employee success, innovation, and loyalty.

Our team of expert researchers developed this template in partnership with Mr. Grant to help companies of every size prompt frank conversations between employees and their managers.

The questions include those that Adam asks personally when he hires someone new, and ones that came up frequently when we asked over 5,500 workers what they wished their boss had asked when they first started. You can keep these questions as they are or update them and add your own.

Entry interviews can be extremely helpful when a new employee is hired or manager comes in, but this survey can also be shortened and automated as a way to check in on employee happiness and interests over time. Did anyone acquire new skills? Take a sudden interest in data science? Could they have a new disability or personal challenge to deal with?

Send the revised template or touch base regularly throughout an employee’s time with the company to keep up with any new changes. Learn more about recurring surveys here.

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